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Thailand is situated in the southeast corner of Asia, with Burma in the west, Laos and Cambodia on the east, Malaysia to the south, and Burma and Laos to the north. The Thais as a race originated in China, in the Yangtze valley, where the founded the empire of Nan Chao in 650 AD. They gradually moved down onto the fertile plains around, the Chao Phraya River and in the 13nth century, established the first Thai capital at Sukhothai.
Now 85% of the population are Buddhist. The rest are Catholic, Christian or Muslim. The King is the Defender of all Faiths. Bangkok the capital is metropolis of approximately four million people and the center of the intellectual and commercial life of the country. The total population estimated at 45 million.

Yaks Bangkok have a lot more to offer as the well known sex industries, foremost among the famous scenic attraction to visit is the Grand Palace and the adjacent Wat Phra Kaeo, temple of the Emerald Buddha. A walk through the fabulous palace grounds is a memorable experience, with mirror encrusted towers, gilded spires, and bizarre and fanciful statues of mythological gods and goddesses. The Emerald Buddha is carved out a solid, translucent, emerald like jasper; about 78 cm in height, it sits on a golden throne of 10 meters high, 4 times a year the King himself change the jewelry dress of the Buddha. Other temples are Wat Pho with its enormous 46 x 14 meters Reclining Buddha, covered entirely in golden leaf, and the gorgeous Wat Benchamabophit also known as the marble temple. Wat Trimitr with its newly discovered (in 1954) 80% Golden Buddha image of 5500 Kg. and there is much more to see.

Temple An other famous attraction is a motor launch (Hang Yao) trip along the Chao Phya River and klongs and have a look at all the picturesque scenes of the river life, Visit the Floating Market with all the little colorful boats full of all kind of food, land at Wat Arun and visit the famed temple of Dwan with its enormous Yaks and big towers covered with shells, pieces of glass or mirror. Go upstairs and have a wide look over the city Bangkok

Golden Temple Touristic but attractive is to visit Rose Garden with a Thai village cultural show, They will offer you really a good show of Elephants at work, Thai wedding ceremony in an authentic manner, Voey dancing, Soeng Dance, Drum dance, Fingernail dance, Sword fighting and much much more. All attractions will be performed in a big tropical garden some inside but most outside.

Piman serves the best authentic Thai food, and gives you a unique atmosphere of 600 years ago, when Sukhothai was the capital of Thailand. That was a time of prosperity and fine architecture. Piman is created from those. Even the building material is of the same kind namely teak and sliced red stones. You are not a tourist eating Thai food at Piman , because you are ad midst history here, traveled back through time 600 years. You will enjoy all the luxuries, the shows, classical dancing and the courteous service of those days. And that all in an air conditioned comfort!

Thai dancing If you have some time left visit a Snake Farm to see how they milk snakes to produce medicine and how snakes are feed with living white mouses, you will see the King Cobra the Russell's Viper the Malayan Pit Viper and much more snakes.

To finish your Bangkok trip its a good idea to stay for a couple of nights in a good hotel at Pataya for some rest at the swimming pool or to visit one of the Coral Islands. We go to a Coral Island Ko Larn with a nice boat over the deep blue see and we arrived at a white sandy beach surrounded with palm trees, we used our snorkel and glasses the whole day to look at the fish, shells and coral. Our boats man arranged some lunch in one of the local restaurants at the beach, Boiled crab with plain steamed rice and soup. This is more relaxing as sitting at the swimming pool.

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