A new Canary

canary I am not a fanatic breeder, all my Canaries are living together in one big aviary outside in de garden and they remain outside during wintertime. I can assure you they like wintertime special the fresh snow, only make sure that they have enough food and water.
I do not make selections like most breeders are doing, no, if they like each other go ahead, and I will see the results later. Every year I have 5 to 10 young birds and that's enough.
Last year there was a strange whistle in the garden not coming from my own Canaries. High in tree in front of the aviary a nice blue Canary man producing his loud song trying to impose the hen's inside. Probably escaped somewhere. From time to time he's coming down to look for success and go back frustrating he couldn't touch the girls inside.
After 2 days I set up a trap and catch him to put him inside with the girls he so wanted. I am sure he's now father of a lot of young birds which are flying around in the aviary. It's not the first time escaped Canaries looking for shelter, I think the familiar whistle sounds very inviting, but in spite of their resistant against the Dutch climate they can't survive without the help of men. One tip! to prevent fighting make sure you have always more than 2 man Canaries in the aviary. And from time to time introduce some new blood.

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