For the memory of our father , grandfather , father-in-law and husband.
Pieter Hendrik de Boer

P.H. de Boer

On the 30st of august 2004 Mr. P. H. de Boer past away.
We will never forget him..

Mr. de Boer was the owner, designer and webmaster of this website.

A dutch newspaper artikel about this website

How will this website continue? Douwe's travel stories is a very busy site, this site has a number 1 ranking at Google with the words 'travel stories'. It's not possible to keep the site at his present location. But out of respect for my father and because of the quality of this site we want to continue with it.
At this moment I'm looking for a new location. If i found one a redirection will be placed at the old location hoping that the search engines will follow it and index the new location.
I will send a mail to the link partners so the can change their listings. If you want to make a bookmark it's best to use .
How will this site develop in the future ? I don't know yet, maybe other people can place their stories on it , maybe i have to use some external banners on the link page.
I you have some idea's you can mail me on the old Email address I have been able to keep this Email and it will remain active.

As you can see this website is moved to a new server with his own domain name
The first thing i am going to change now will be the "links" page. This page will be separated into 2 parts. , first linkingpartners, websites who also have a link to this site, and second, interesting links who do not have a link to this site.
If you are a linkingpartner yourself please change your links to .
If your are linking to a page inside this website you can still do that on the same way. E.g. for the bangkok page. The frame of this site will automatically go around it. You may also use the long URL e.g.
this one will load a little faster and will also be in the bar if you click on a page.

Nothing is for ever and has done his job.
This domain name will not be renewed and the complete website is be moved to:
And i will keep it there as long as i have access to it.
I also removed all external links (if you really want a link on this site you can
always E-mail me and ask for it.)

Thank you daddy.

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